SOFFA magazine

publikováno v rubrice V médiích
1. 3. 2014

When my friend Ada asked me for an interview for their emerging spring issue of the online journal Soffa, I bounced with joy. Well, when you are lucky, you can have a conversation with a friend, spend a nice afternoon taking pictures and more of it will be a beautiful and amazing photos article in a magazine that you admire … I know a little bit too positive words but I can not help it. Ada, Lenka and Lina are professionals and they do their work with enthusiasm, perhaps because they have a talent for it.

But judge for yourself and have a look in the spring issue of SOFFA! Article about String Garden is on pages 45-55.

We also prepared with girls DIY instructions on how to plant your own aerarium, you will find it here.

I wish you to enjoy reading this fresh spring issue!

Published: 3/2014