Plant Swap 2023

Nové termíny Rostlinné štafety v Zahradě na niti jsou tu: 29. března, 13. dubna, 27. dubna, 9. května, 25. května a 6. června  Štafeta se koná vždy 10 – 18 hodin před Zahradou na niti. Více info o tomto rostlinném happeningu na www.rostlinnastafeta.cz nebo v událostech na fb (proklik pod termíny štafet).    

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25. 2. 2023

Rozhovor pro Bydlení Blesk

Rozhovor o Zahradě na niti v únorovém čísle časopisu Blesk Bydlení   publikováno 2/2020

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28. 2. 2020

Bydlet jako… V ZENU

You can see kokedamas from  Zahrada na niti and an interview with me in Czech TV series about interior design Live like… in zen (Bydlet jako… v zenu)

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29. 10. 2019

Plant quote for July

is available in my shop. You can find it either as a poster or a postacard!

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6. 7. 2019

Pilea v Receptáři

Sorry, this entry is only available in Czech.

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24. 11. 2018

Střecha nad Plzní

Brand new coffee place Střecha in Pilsen on the roof of a building that used to be cinema called Elektra on the corner of streets Americká and Škrétova. There is a beautiful view on Pilsen city and the interior is modern and clean. That’s why i designed few big kokedamas with date trees that fill the space […]

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2. 6. 2018

How to make kokedama

With team of Prima receptar programme we created a video how to make a kokedama.   Published: 11/2016 on Prima TV

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10. 12. 2016

Atelier Glam

Martina Jankovcová asked me to participate on a renovation of her hairdressing studio Atelier Glam, to add into this modern place a bit of living plants. Now you can see hanging kokedamas in this lovely interior that Martina designed by herself. She is woman with an unprecedented variety of skills, thanks for collaboration as i […]

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1. 10. 2016


With a crew of Czech TV show Polopatě I shooted a video about kokedamas and DIY tutorial how to make your own kokedama. You can watch the part of the show dedicated to kokedamas here. Published: 6/2016

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6. 6. 2016


On Friday 3th March and Tuesday 7th March the atelier will be closed. Thank you, Lenka

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1. 3. 2016

Garden that hangs on a thread

Thanks to Ondra Linc for an interview for the Saturday edition of the daily Lidove noviny! published: 13th Feb 2016

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15. 2. 2016

Die hard fans behind the counter

String Garden in an article Die hard fans behind the counter of the weekend magazine of Hospodářské noviny – Ego! In a good company with other original Prague shops like Czech toyshop Hugo chodí bos, Polagraph or Lavmi in which their owners also fulfills their dreams. Published: 12.6. 2015

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13. 6. 2015


Thanks to Tomáš Holý for interview about String Garden for design section of online magazine Lidovky.cz

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10. 6. 2015


Interview for Designlive Magazín Published: 6/2015  

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2. 6. 2015

Mode de Boulangerie

An interview with Oliv for her blog Mode de Boulangerie.

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9. 4. 2015

Marianne living

May issue full of floral decorations and also an inspiration from String Garden. Publikováno: 5/2015

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8. 4. 2015

Jak se staví sen

Transformation of a bedroom and a nursery of spouses from Týnec nad Sázavou in a TV show How to Build a Dream. Designer Martina Pištěláková and architect Lukáš Lipert used kokedamas from String Garden for the souse’s airy bedroom. For more on this change see the article here or watch the whole episode here. Published: 4/2015

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3. 4. 2015

New transformation

Transformation of a kitchen in a journal New housing transformation enliving kokedama with ficus and an aerarium with succulent from the String Garden. Published: 3/2015

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9. 3. 2015

Virtual String Garden

Is Prague out of reach? Then visit String Garden with a Google virtual tour, just come in, please! Author of the tour: www.eprohlidky.cz

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20. 11. 2014

Prague Design Week 2014

At the beginning of November 2014 there was Prague Design Week exibition held in Dům U Minuty on Oldtown Square where you could also visit one whole room transformed into String Garden forrest. To photographs from this event is dedicated an entire post on my blog and an album on facebook.  

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14. 11. 2014

Savary & Associates

Hanging kokedamas with Nolina and Asparagus excel on brick wall background and complement the natural look of the wood used in the interior of this loft appartment in Prague, designed by architect Géraldine Savary. project: Savary & Associates, 2014 photos: Géraldine Savary

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10. 11. 2014

Studio Liquid

Studio Liquid is hairdressing salon in clean and simple style inspired by Japan. In order the composition remained clear and unsplited there were used only two kinds of kokedamas. Kokedama with Ficus Ginseng as a reminiscent of Japanese bonsai trees and kokedamas with Asparagus that looks wild like in forest. You can visit Studio Liquid in Roosvelt […]

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1. 11. 2014

Restaurant Peppino in Pacov

Peppino restaurant can be found in more than one hundred years old house just a short walk from Náměstí svobody in Pacov. After big fload in 2012 owners decided to renovate all the space under the guidance of architects Atelier 111. A very sensitive project arose and highlighted the beautiful space and history of the place and […]

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25. 9. 2014

Český rozhlas

Thanks to Jolana Nováková for a lovely interview from my shop stright to Czech Radio regional broadcasting to Hobby Magazin show. You can listen to this interview here.

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13. 9. 2014


Kokedamas with Asparagus used in a practical and creative interior. More about the practical and creative transformation of an old house with a garden including a photo gallery see this article in Housing section of iDnes web magazine. Interior design: Soňa Gajdošová, Ota Fiřt, studio Merrygorando.

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11. 7. 2014


From the interview that I did with Mrs. editor Jana Benešovská for Cosmopolitan magazine came an inspirational article with some advices on how to establish a successful business. I do not feel right to advise anyone, maybe just the opposite, but I was happy to share my experience, whether positive or negative. Published: 5/2014

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1. 5. 2014

Floating flowers

An article published in Sofie living magazine. Published: 4/2014

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4. 4. 2014

SOFFA magazine

When my friend Ada asked me for an interview for their emerging spring issue of the online journal Soffa, I bounced with joy. Well, when you are lucky, you can have a conversation with a friend, spend a nice afternoon taking pictures and more of it will be a beautiful and amazing photos article in a […]

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1. 3. 2014


An article about new trends in growing plants and also about String Garden on web magazine Novinky.cz.

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31. 1. 2014


String Garden appeared in tips from CZECHDESIGN Gallery for this years designSUPERMARKET! Published: 11/2013

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30. 11. 2013

Kavárna Mezi Řádky

You will find few kokedamas from String Garden in Kavárna mezi řádky in Smíchov quarter in Prague. It is very cosy place just next to tram station Švandovo divadlo.

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19. 9. 2013

Interview for iDNES

Interview for web magazin iDNES. Published: 7/2013

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23. 7. 2013


You can spot kokedamas form String Garden in coffeerooms Mamacoffee in Londýnská street on Vinohrady or in Sokolovská street in Karlín, Prague.

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19. 6. 2013


Published: 3/2013

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4. 3. 2013

Plants on strings

One of the very first articles about String Garden was published in magazine Flóra. Published: 11/2012

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8. 11. 2012

Even plants can float

The very first article about String Garden that was published was in magazine Pěkné bydlení.   Published: 10/2012

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4. 10. 2012